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Bail Received. Thank you for your support.


I would like to thank all of those that supported my recent participation in the Troy Lockup for the MDA. Together we raised more than $400 in support of the MDA and their fight against muscular dystrophy.

HELP! There is a warant for my arrest.


Please help an innocent man stay out of jail and raise money for a great cause. On Tuesday 8/18/2010 I received a phone call stating that someone had placed a warrant out for my arrest on Sept 22 2010. For more information see the video to the right. For more information click here or if you would like to donate to my defense fund please click the image below.

House Renovations Phase 6: Demolition


The next phase of home renovations has started. This phase is all about demolition. We are removing part of the ceiling in the hallway to dramatically open up the stairwell. We have removed most of the drywall. More photos to come soon.

Demolition started with a foot through the ceiling. Click the photo to see more photos in this gallery.

Coke and Mentos


The Coke and Mentos guys are at is again. This time they have powered a human driven car with Coke and Mentos up to 15 miles per hour. You can see a video of the experiment here.

My first 5k Run


I finished my first 5k run with a time of 47 minutes. My goal is to get down into the 30-40minute range by the end of the summer. I got to give a shout out to Mike Walker who placed 2nd in our age group and my Mom who placed third in her age group. You can check out the race results here. Thanks to Dave "Running Man" McCauley for finding the results for me.

New Philosophy Reading


I am reading a new book called a**·hole·ol·o·gy. I would highly recommend it. It is very informative and entertaining.

Fitness Matters


In an attempt to live a healthier happier lifestyle, is now walking/running a 1.8+ mile route on a regular basis. The path is shown below. This path includes a nice incline.

StarCraft 2 Release Date Announced


I cannot wait until July 27 2010! StarCraft 2 will be released to the public. You can find out more information here.

Google Analytics &


Team is now tracking site performance with Google Analytics!

They are Growing!


This year in an attempt to be frugal, team decided to take matters into our own hands and start a garden in our home. We started with 2 planting trays and were given a third. Now the plants have outgrown the trays and had to be put into pots. Needless to say we have a ton of full size tomato and cherry tomato plants. We also have a few cucumber plants and the peppers are finally starting to make an attempt at showing up.

Easter Photo Gallery is Here!


Click here to view how team celebrated Easter 2010!

Happy Easter


Happy Easter. The Country Smoke House has some entertaining easter decorations. Check it out.

Construction Update


Today we worked on some more drywall and did some demolition. You can check out the photos here. We got a lot done. We put up most of the remaining drywall in the hallway and we started the demolition on the ceiling. We also started some of the demolition/construction in the bathroom.

Now That's Irish Bull


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, the Country Smoke House decided to dress up their bull. Below are some pictures of the bull and the "cool moose" car. Where do you buy one of these? Who specializes in animals mounting cars?

Construction Update


Well it has been a couple of very busy weeks here. We are almost finished with the drywall mudding process in the South bedroom and the walk-in closet in the North bedroom. We also put a coat of primer on the walk-in closet. Also we finished installing some trim around the new overhead door.

Also a ton of thanks to my Uncle Bill. He just finished a hand made vanity for our new bathroom.

Pictures coming soon!.

New Photos - House Renovations 4


This week team took a slight diversion from the normal work upstairs. This week team replaced a door and it will change our lives for the better. After weeks of fighting with the sliding door getting stuck in the snow, we finally installed an overhead door. There is still some trim work to be done, but we are still very excited to get rid of the old door. Another exciting update is we got a new tub for our upstairs bathroom.

View photos here.

Super Mario Wii Update


Finally beat World 1 and got all the coins.

New Gym Membership


Well the team now has a new gym membership program. For $70 per month you receive a family membership. This membership includes access to 2 pools, each with their own water slide. Up to two hours of free child care while you work out. Also you get free workout classes, free one on one personal trainer sessions and access to all the regular gym facilities. All in all, I say well worth it. If for nothing else than the pool and the free 2 hours of peace.

Painting Finally


Well progress is happening on the upstairs. We bought primer for our first coat for the north bedroom. We are so excited to finally do some painting. More pictures comming soon!

Contact Us Update

2/6/2010 would like to thank all of those for the positive feedback that we received through our contact us form (Yes it does work). Keep up the submissions everyone.

Thank you!

The Spark-Muppet


An unkown artist has recently been seen creating muppet like representations of local office workers. This is a sample of his artwork.

Click the image to see a larger image.

Hide your Plastic Forks


The theif A suspect has been identified in a recent rash of office supply thefts. She has been known to target kitchenettes in nice office buildings and generally takes coffee, sugar and plastic utensils. If you see this woman protect your kitchenette.

Click the image to see a larger image.

Contact Us form now available


The contact us form is now available on the Contact Us page. You can use this page to contact the webmaster directly. For now I am reading the submissions directly from the database. Soon I hope to have an administration panel completed. now the Supports IE6 No More effort


Today I added the code from If you haven't seen this website or don't know about their efforts I urge you to check them out. They are trying to get IT professionals and home users to upgrade from IE 6 to another more compliant browser (IE 7+, Chrome, Firefox, etc).

New House Photos in the Photo Gallery


Well I finally got around to creating my first photo gallery in the Photo Gallery section of the website. They are photos of my home renovation project. We are finishing off the upstairs of the home. Apparently the previous owners ran out of money or really liked well lit attic space because they never finished it off. It worked out well for us because we are putting two bedrooms and an additional bathroom. You can view the photos here. We are in phase three: Drywall. More updates are to come soon.

Website Updates


My apologies for not updating this site very often. This year has been a very exciting and hectic year for the Smith family. Between the new house, the renovations and the family there has been very little time to update the website.

I would really like to say thank you to my affiliates who have been very patient. They have been waiting a long time for this site to update. You can find links to their websites at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to all of my visitors! More updates to come soon.

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