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Mother's Day Construction Update

We had a great Mother's Day here at Team Esmith.me HQ. It started with flowers. From there it became very productive. We installed a new dishwasher and put down some new flooring.

You can see the full photo gallery by clicking the image.

Construction Update

I know it has been a while since I posted about the construction but that doesn't mean we have been slacking here at Esmith.me. Our new photo gallery shows some of the progress that we have been making. As for the stack of flooring, that is the next phase.

If you click the photo you will be taken to a small photo gallery of the progress on the headquarters construction. We recently purchased all of the flooring and packed it (along with underlayment) all into my 2007 Dodge Caliber. There wasn't an inch to spare. Even lapspace was efficiently utilized.

The tile in the tub surround has been the most recent project in progress. It is moving along nicely and should be completed in a matter of weeks. The lack of completion has not prevented the VP from using the tub facilites. We have also completed the tub, toilet, vanity and counter top installation.

We have also painted the office space for our minions. The colors were chosen by said minions in lieu of their favorite movie characters.

Happy Thanksgiving

Team Esmith.me wishes everyone a happy and wonderful thanksgiving.

New Affiliate Announcement!

Team Esmith.me proudly announces a new affilaite. Team Abrahamfam.com


NEWS FLASH! FRAM Merger a Huge Success


Team Esmith.me reporters were live on scene as final merger preparations and negotiations were happening. Reports are coming in that the grand event ended with a general feeling of great satisfaction and enjoyment of all attending parties. One guest described it as "not so much a merger but a blessed party celebrating the history of both parties and their excitement for their combined futures".

The event wasn't without its casualties. Alas, the enchanted forest was closed because all the preparation had left the gnomes too tired to attend the final event. Sources are also reporting some unexpected behavior from the Marchessault and Natzke camps as the "cross promotion" got a little out of hand.

In the end it was a wonderful event filled with fun, friends and happiness. Team Esmith.me would like to thank the FRAM team for allowing us to cover such an intimate, exclusive and private event. We would also like to extend our congradulations on the success of the merger.

More information and photos are coming soon. They will be released upon approval by FRAM and its affiliates.

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